Irfan Ahmed


Unesta Real Estate

Unesta are a Dubai based company specialising in property brokerage and management specifically in India and the UAE. On approaching the project the main target market was identified as a of group of affluent ex-pats who had settled in the UK from India and were looking to invest in property. The brief was to create a new company name and identity to be implemented across all touch points. I led a small team of designers whilst partnering a copywriting team to work on a brand name and accompanying rationale. After several sessions with the team and stakeholders we derived the name Unesta. Based on the amalgamation of 'Universal' and 'Nest', as key values that came from the sessions.

The final design was based on the idea of a fluid ribbon akin to the type used at formal openings especially for their property purchases. As a reference to the Indian heritage, the brand mark used the colours from the Indian national flag using a white background colour coupled with a fresh blue colour.