Irfan Ahmed
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Rainbow Family

Rainbow Family

Rainbow Family are one of Muslim Aid's flagship programmes in that they provide support in the form of sponsorships for over 5,500 vulnerable children across 17 countries around the world. The programmes would cover education, food and clothing, medial care and emotional support.  The projects ensure a holistic approach with a strong emphasis on self reliance and empowerment. Through our campaign work we were commissioned to redesign the branding and visual assets for the Rainbow Family project.

I created a brand mark that was simple, friendly and distinctive. Incorporating an emerging rainbow on a horizon line. This was complemented with a rounded sans serif typeface. My aim was to keep the mark as simple as possible, especially as the brand would need to be recreated in their respective countries. So a streamlined palette was implemented that worked effectively but still featured green hues so as to reference Muslim Aid, its parent organisation but still be instantly recognisable as a rainbow. The subject matter was quite emotive, with many moving stories of the charity bringing families out of poverty. To counter some of the photographic imagery I commissioned designer to create a series of illustrations and icons that would complement the creative.

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Infographics for map illustration